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NBA 2K17 MyCareer Mode: Create The Ultimate Player

If you want to step up your game in “NBA 2K17,” it’s probably best that you start reading up on how to create the ultimate player in the MyCareer mode. You’re only as good as the player you’ve created so better take notes and start building the perfect basketball player the game can come up with.

Venture Beat shared their thoughts on MyCareer mode and how gamers can make the most out of it so that they can come up with a near-perfect athlete. Rory Appleton of Venture Beat provided a detailed guide on how to create a monstrous power forward.

Appleton said that if gamers are looking for a great power forward they should work out the physical characteristics of their player and they should start with the height. He said that six feet and eleven inches is a good enough height for a power forward.

According to him, a basketball player with this height can easily block shots and rebound, minimizing skill point investment. He added that the basketball player should have a weight of 250 lbs. with the right length of arms so that he can easily make long shots.

As for the other abilities Appleton said that gamers should try as much as possible to improve their character’s shooting ability from a three-point range. He said that gamers should work hard to get their player’s three-point attribute to rise up to 70. This will make it even harder for opponents to block the player’s shots.

Appleton also advised gamers to work on their agility, which as a result will enable their basketball players to find more openings for a shot. Although it seems important, Appleton said that rebounding and playmaking should be on the bottom of a gamer’s list because a power forward doesn’t need to initiate plays. And since he’s already tall, he doesn’t need to exert much effort to do a rebound.

Speaking of attributes, Mobipicker also shared some useful tips on how to raise one’s attributes. Their advice is to accept a game request and then press start. The gamer should go to the Options menu and quit the game he just agreed to participate in. After that the gamer should hold onto the L2 and R2 buttons, which will take him/her back to their previous spot. Then repeat the same actions. Eventually the gamer will get a +99 attribute boost.


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